Xiaomi Piston 3 Headphones

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Colour: Black
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Product Description:

These classic wired headphones are a staple in every bag. The headphones produce well-balanced sound and have a built-in microphone as well as a play or pause button. The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort, and the 1.1m cable is flat, so is resistant to knots and tangles. The headphones are compatible with all Xiaomi phones, most Android phones and all iOS Devices. The headphones do not support volume control. The anodised aluminium surface protects against corrosion and wear, while the main body is made of lightweight PC material that is robust and durable. Available in different colours.


Produce well-balanced sound.
Built-in microphone, play and pause button.
Made of anodised aluminium and lightweight PC material.
1.1m cable.
Available in different colours.

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