Travel Hairdryer

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Colour: White
Plug Type: AU
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Product Description:

An affordable yet high-quality hairdryer to take on the go - so you never have to worry about whether that hotel will have a hairdryer. Constructed with an 18,000 rpm high-speed motor, 1600W high power and heating wire cone-shaped tower design, the hairdryer works effectively while maintaining a light construction for ultimate ease. The handle can fold, making the hairdryer easily portable. The wind temperature and speed are adjustable to suit you by an exterior switch, and the aerodynamic noise reduction design makes for less noise, ideal for families.  There is double overheating protection for when the temperature exceeds the safe range, for your state of mind. Available in white and pink. 1.7m power cord. Plugs suitable for US, EU, AU and UK are available.



Available in white and pink.
18,000 rpm high-speed motor, 1600W high power.
US, EU, AU and UK plugs available.
Lightweight and portable.
Adjustable wind temperature and speed.
Aerodynamic noise reduction.
Double overheating protection.
1.7m cord.

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