Space Shuttle Takeoff Lamp

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Emitting Colour: A
Title: Small Size
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Product Description:

This lamp is a cool room decoration in the day and a magical night light in the evenings. Perfect for any space lover, the 3D rocket design is crafted from photographs of NASA space shuttles taking off in real life. The authenticity and high quality of this lamp mean it doesn't need to be lit up to look magical.

The lamp is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries, producing light for 10 hours at a time when fully charged. The package contains the lamp and a charging cable for the batteries. The bright orange colour generated is of an ideal intensity - visually appealing but also practical as it isn't too bright when used as a night light.


Powered by rechargeable lithium batteries.
3D authentic design - crafted to resemble NASA space shuttles.
Light generated for 10 hours.
Includes a charging cable for the batteries.
Orange light produced.

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