iPhone Protective Case

Model: For iPhone 6 6S
Title: 2


Product Description:

A high-quality, shockproof case that will protect your iPhone from nasty falls, dirt and scratches. The hardback is frosted and transparent, with the silicon shell remaining flexible as not to damage your phone. There are silicon volume buttons to help you easily adjust the volume, but these can be removed if you prefer your case without them. The silicon shell has a four-corner airbag to protect your phone when it drops and is 0.5mm higher than your phones actual shell, protecting it from scratches. Compatible with many different iPhone models, from an iPhone 6 to an 11 Pro Max. Many different colours are also available.


Compatible with many different iPhone models.
Silicon shell with a four-corner airbag.
Frosted, transparent back.
Removable silicon volume buttons.

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