Face Lifting Mask

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Title: Black 1 piece
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Product Description:

This product is great uplifting your face, preventing wrinkles and giving your skin the tightening it needs!


1. Moistures and Tightens the Skin Nutrient ingredients are absorbed effectively to increase firmness and elasticity of your skin.Reduce sagging with this powerful neck & chin treatment that works to shape and lift your face line

2. Prevent Fat Accumulation Containing rich essence, it can prevent facial fibre from turning into adipose tissue, thus repelling the fat face caused by obesity and making the facial repair perfectly curved. Effectively promote the collagen density and skin support (cell tension) of facial skin tissue, and instantly increase facial contour and firmness by 20%.

3. Eliminate edema It can also actively convert fat cells into fibrous tissue, effectively guiding the edema caused by fat accumulation in the skin surface.

4. Double Chin Reducer Essence Different from the old-fashioned face-lifting essence, it can effectively help improve facial contours. You can see noticeably firmer chin line in minutes!

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